Privacy Tips For Cammers

I’m often asked questions related to privacy concerns.  New cammers are often worried about being “found out.”  They’re afraid that somebody they know will see them online.  Most sites have privacy settings that allow you to block your state or country, but this can decrease the number of visitors to your chat room.  So here are some simple tips to maintain your privacy in free chat without blocking your country, and without losing your viewers’ interest.

If you have a nice ass, big ass, etc. (and aren’t afraid to show it), angle your webcam and body so that your face is just out of view.  This position is great because you don’t have to waste any energy smiling or pretending to be interested:

If you have big breasts, you can show them off without working too hard and without your viewers getting bored.  The key is to position your webcam in just the right place so they can still get a feel for what you look like.  Don’t just sit motionless.  Viewers with a titty fetish will appreciate if you caress them, shake them around, etc:

The same principle works for guys.  It’s all about how you present yourself:

When members ask you to show them your face, you can give them a free peek.  But if they want more, tell them they have to tip or go private.

In my post Show Your Face, I talked about why it’s a good idea to let viewers see you.  But the above tips are a different school of thought: Don’t give them what they want unless they pay up.  This way you can be certain that your hard work doesn’t go to waste.  Just like Honey Dip Jay brought up in my last Q&A blog post:

“Don’t listen to the guy that says bend over show your butt get naked then I will take you to private because most of the time they are lying.”

Interview with New MFC Cam Girl, Honey Dip Jay

Todays’ post is another cam model interview.  This time, it’s with a new cam girl who goes by the nickname of “Honey Dip Jay.”  Jay is currently in college and has been camming on MFC for less than a month.

You mentioned that you just­­­­ started camming a few weeks ago.  What made you decide to do this kind of work?

I first learned about cam modeling while looking for a job on craigslist. My curiosity led me to research what cam modeling and the results I found were fascinating. I liked the idea that I can sit in front of the camera smile be beautiful talk to new people and make money at the same time. I didn’t fully decided to be a cam model until I stop working at my old job and couldn’t find jobs in my area that were hiring.  So I thought to try something new and exciting with my life and become a cam model.

How has your experience on webcam been so far?

My experience so far has been wonderful. It’s fun and vibrant, I’m not going to lie there are those moments when it can get dull when not many people are logging into my show. Also you can get a few annoying guys but when the room is full and I’m laughing and chatting with new people it’s very exciting.

Is this something you think you will do for a long time?  Or is it more of temporary job to make extra money?

For now it’s temporary so I can have extra money while I’m in college. But in a year from now if I see that I am getting more popular and I’m making more money I will continue for about another year or two but no more than 4.

In your email, you said you’re currently working on My Free Cams.  You also mentioned that you applied to both the LiveJasmin and iCams network.  I’m familiar with iCams, but I suspect that many of my readers aren’t.  How did you find out about this relatively unknown site?  And why did you choose this site?

I love to research so I came across a few articles talking about iCams. Also I follow a cam models vlogs on youtube and she also mentioned them and how she likes them. So that kind of made me go with them.

You go by the nickname of “Honey Dip Jay.”  How did you come up with this catchy nickname?

The name came out of the blue. I have no idea how it popped in my head but I love it and my fans like to call me there “HoneyDip”. By definition a honeydip is a girl that is fun and vibrant and also beautiful and that fits me perfectly. It also is a guy’s secret lover and that is what I think some of the customers would say that I am to them.

Which do you think is more important for camming, a good personality or a sexy body?

A great personality is the most important thing. A girl can look flawless but if she comes off as rude or boring no one wants to stick around for that. Looks alone can get you only so far in life.

Are you comfortable being yourself on webcam?  Or do you prefer to keep distance by switching on a webcam persona?

I’m myself for the most part. In free chat I’m just normal Jay smiling laughing joking and having fun. I give a little sexual tease here and there. But in private that’s where the other side of me comes out lol

What do you think is your greatest asset as a beginner webcam model?  In other words, what do you think your customers like most about your shows?

My regular customers have told me that they like my shows because I’m not like most models they run across. I’m not snobby always begging the guys for tips I’m friendly to everyone I always smile and bring a certain energy to my shows.

Do you have any beginner tips for aspiring models reading this post?

Don’t listen to the guy that says bend over show your butt get naked then I will take you to private because most of the time they are lying. Most important be yourself and do what you feel is comfortable and what you want to do in your shows. If one model is getting naked in free chat and playing with toys doesn’t mean you have to do that too. You will find that some guys will come to your shows and tip just because you are real and you are being yourself.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

Come follow me on twitter if you want to learn more about me and come see a show on MFC.

Special thanks to Honey Dip Jay for contacting me for the interview.  Please add her on twitter (@HoneyDipJay) and check out her My Free Cams profile.

Also, models interested in working on the iCams network will need to apply through Streamray.  Streamray is one of the largest webcam networks with models appearing on both their flagship site,, in addition to their network sites including

Finally, if you’d like some free model exposure, please contact me for an interview.

Hiding Your Webcam Model Job

There may come a point in your webcam model career when you are ready to say goodbye to your 9-5 day job and work online as a full-time cammer.  When this happens, people will ask you about your new job.   It’s important to not only expect this question from family and friends, but know how to answer it in your best interest.

There are several ways to go about this.  One option is to simply be honest.  If you are secure about yourself and comfortable about your work, then you have no reason to hide.  That said, I suggest you hold off being honest with people until you’ve given it enough time to know if the job is right for you.  It’s not a perfect job, but it can be incredibly lucrative if you got the body and personality for it.  Be prepared for negative responses.  Some people will be envious of you.  Others will look down on you (see my post on Webcam Performer Or Online Prostitute).  But never forget that comments from critics can’t affect you unless you allow them to.

Of course, not everyone who becomes a webcam model is thinking “career.”  Many just want an alternative way to pay the bills.  If you fall into this category, it’s best to keep your online work private.  This way, you won’t need to worry about anyone treating you any different than the person you already are.

Here’s a typical conversation that you might encounter:

Them: “Hey, I heard you quit your job.  So what are you doing these days?”

You: “Actually, I work online from home.”

Them: “What?”

You: “Yeah, it’s basically a customer service job excect I can work whenever I want.  Actually, it’s pretty easy work and it pays pretty good.”

Them: “What exactly do you do?”

You: “I do freelance work for various sites.  I first got started at but there are tons of sites out there if you do your research.  Another site I’ve been working on quite a bit lately is which is a freelance writing site. ”

There are many sites you can use to replace the above examples depending on your personality and skills.  Another great resource site for all you single moms is which stands for “Work At Home Moms.”  Whatever site you choose, make sure you look into them first so that you’re prepared and actually know what you’re talking about.  If they keep probing questions, get a piece of paper and write the websites down for them.  This shows them they need to do their own research and also proves that you’re not bullshitting them.

Keep your answers short and to the point.  The sites that you are giving them are all real jobs, and normally they won’t drill you anymore after this point.  But if they ask, “Can you get me in?”, tell them that they need to apply themselves at the site in question.

The last option is to be economical with the truth.  Tell them you work online and get paid for chatting and flirting with guys.  “Yeah, it’s great!  All I do is chat with horny guys and they pay me big bucks.”  Livejasmin does have a non-nude chat category, so technically you’re not really lying.

Bottom line, to tell or not to tell is something only you can decide.  As a general guideline, don’t tell anybody until you’ve tried it out for at least a month.  Some friends will surprise you with their ignorance — and others with their open-mindedness.  Just remember that who you are doesn’t change no matter what you do for a living.

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