First and foremost, a webcam model is the star of the show.  You are performing for the enjoyment of your visitors. The following tips will help you get more private shows, and give you a better wage per hour.

  • Always have your microphone turned on.  Webcam models who TALK to visitors get more private show requests (read my Talk Your Way Rich post).
  • Place your webcam near the screen you are reading so that it appears you are looking into your webcam.  This gives the impression you are making eye contact with your visitors (read my Keeping The Fantasy Alive post.)
  • Always be flirting.  Smile, laugh, wink, and blow kisses (read my How To Make More Money, and Have More Fun! post.)
  • Have your toys, oils, etc handy and ready to go before you turn on your webcam.  If you need to do anything unsexy, keep it off camera and out of view of your visitors (read my Think Like a Porn Star post).
  • During a private show, be quick to answer questions and perform requests.  Give them what they want, and they’ll come back for more (read my Give a Great Private Show post.)
  • Spread your attention around in free chat, but try to give each visitor individualized attention. (Read my Playing The Field post.)
  • Always say hi to new visitors in free chat, and be sure to use their name (read my Impressing Non-Chatters post).
  • Let your customers know when you will be online again.  If possible, post your schedule on your profile (read my How To Create an Attractive Cam Model Profile post.
  • Always have plenty of light.  Nobody will pay for a private show if they can’t see you (read my Sexy Environment with Proper Lighting post).
  • It’s called webcam modeling for a reason.  Wear sexy outfits, high heels, and have your hair done.  The sexier you look, the more visitors will pay you (read my Tough Love For Cam Models post).

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