Adult webcam statistics show that less than 20% of visitors in free chat pay for private shows.  Today I wanted to talk about how to distinguish a Spender (member with credit) from a Free-Chatter (visitor with no credit).

Spenders can be hard to spot since they often won’t even talk in free chat!  Instead, they lurk on the sidelines, watching you Play the Field.  How you interact with your chat room helps Spenders determine if you’re the type of cam girl or cam boy they’re looking for.  So in a way, you are chatting to impress the non-chatters.

There is no easy way to identify which visitors are Spenders.  Most cam site systems don’t show you whether or not your visitors have credit, so it’s hard to know who to focus your time on.  What this means is that you must target all your customers:

You: “Hey all you silent types, don’t be shy.  Come out and talk to me :)

If you notice someone in your chat room who’s not saying anything, let him know that he’s still appreciated:

You: “Hi (visitor), you seem like a real gentleman :) Have you ever enjoyed a VIP show before?”

The wording here is important since you’re not using any Bad Words (words that deter visitors from paying you). If he says “no,” then he’s probably a Free-Chatter (read my Dealing with Free Chatters post).

When dealing with Free Chatters, your initial instinct might be to simply kick them out. But since every visitor is a potential buyer, it’s a good idea to keep them around. If they keep coming back to your room, then you know they’re into you. Continue to impress ALL your visitors with your choice of words and body language. And even if the Free Chatter doesn’t “buy,” someone else will.

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