What kind of guy uses a webcam model for sex or companionship?  Do you understand your customers’ needs?  Do you know what a paying member is looking for in a webcam performance?

Let’s think about your typical cam viewer.  Maybe he gave up on finding a girl as beautiful as the cam models online (read my Keeping The Fantasy Alive post).  Maybe he was never popular or didn’t know how to talk to girls in school (read my Horny or Lonely post).  Or maybe he’s currently in a long-term relationship, but longs for that steamy sex and intimacy that his partner doesn’t give him anymore (read my Think Like a Porn Star post).

The bottom line is this: customers like webcam girls because they are sexier AND more submissive. Whether it’s sex or conversation, cam site visitors don’t have to worry about competition from other guys.  Courtship is skipped altogether – they find a cam girl they like and pay her for a private show.  NO questions asked.  NO chance of rejection.

Your typical buyer will jump from one chat room to the next looking for their type of girl.  They are looking for sex appeal – perky tits and a nice ass – but they’re also judging your personality.  They want to know if you’re the girl who will give them what they want…or if you’re the type who will try to milk them for minutes (read The Webcam Model’s Winning Attitude).

When a customer pays you for a private show, be submissive to his requests.  Your customer will like you because you give him what he wants (unlike his prudish girlfriend!)

Remember, customers are looking for easy sex and flirty conversation. So give him what he wants so he will come back for more.

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