You can learn a lot by watching how cam models interact in free chat.

The other day, I visited livejasmin and chatted with some girls.   I checkout several different chat rooms, but felt uninspired.  Many of them looked like they were just “waiting” for something to happen.  The expression on their face said “this job sucks.” You can’t earn top dollars as a webcam model if you just sit there looking bored.

So, I kept looking.  My goal was to find someone that could really grab my attention, and keep it.  And it didn’t take long to find. A profile picture of an average looking Russian girl caught my attention and I joined her in free chat.  Her English was a bit broken, but she was VERY popular as evidenced by so many visitors in her chat room. And as you would expect with a room full of horny guys, it didn’t take long for someone to take her to private.  Why?  Because she was TALKING.

Listening to this camgirl talk and engage her visitors gave the room a fun and natural atmosphere.  It almost felt like you were trying to pick up a girl in a bar. She had a bit of an attitude, but it worked for her since she was getting an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE from her viewers.

Livejasmin performers should take note and get a good microphone and TALK to your viewers.  You will make more money, and your cam work will be more interactive and enjoyable. Moreover, talking to visitors frees up your hands from being glued to the keyboard.  This means, you can use your hands to blow kisses, touch yourself, and other seductive gestures that will seduce more viewers into paid private attention.

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