I primarily write my blog posts for cam girls, but the truth is that more than half my readers are guys.  So today’s post is for you aspiring cam boys.

Below are the questions I get most often from new male webcam models.  Hopefully these will clear up any questions you have about getting started as a new gay or “gay for pay” webcam performer.

“Which site is best for male webcam models?”

New male performers should sign up to CameraBoys.  Reasons for this include privacy concerns (block your state or country from viewing your webcam and profile), high per-minute commission (charge $1.99 to $3.99 per minute), and an ingenious promotion period that will make you big bucks on your very first day online (read my CameraBoys job review).

“Should I select the “boy” (straight) or “gay” category in the registration?”

Regardless of your sexual orientation, I recommend you sign up under the “gay” category.  Though there are ladies who will pay to watch you get off, the webcam modeling industry is primarily dominated by a male clientele.  Regardless of sexual orientation, “gay for pay” performers are higher in demand and earn a lot more.  Most of your clients won’t have their webcam turned on anyway, so chances are you won’t even see who you’re performing for.

“Can guys make a lot of money as cam models?”

Yes.  Male webcam models can earn $1000-$2000/week working 20-25 hours, while top performers can make much more (read my How Much Do Cam Models Really Earn? post.)  Ask yourself the following questions: Do you have nice body?  Are you comfortable jerking it in front your webcam?  Are you willing to put in the required time?  If you can answer yes to these questions, then you will do well in the adult cam industry.

So guys – you’ve got a sexy body and aren’t afraid to show it off, so why not make some serious cash from your bedroom?  It’s free to sign up (you will NEVER be charged for anything), and you can delete your account anytime.  All you have to do is sign up, have some naughty webcam fun, and watch the checks come in.

Update: I’ve recently updated my blog with more tips targeting the male webcam model: Overcoming Webcam Shyness, The Sexually Confident Webcam Model, Webcam Models, Mix It Up!, Sexy Environment with Proper Lighting, and Webcam Modeling Strategies, Horny or Lonely. Read those and you should be on your way to making good money as a male model. Also, if you got any other questions or need some help with the registration process, just contact me and I’ll get back to you asap.

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