I’ve been blogging here for quite a while now, and I think my overall message has been clear:  if you want to be a top earning LiveJasmin model, then you need to give your visitors what they want.  In other words, do what you’re asked to do in private chat, and your regular customers will reward you with a fat pay check at the end of each period.

In today’s post, I want to revisit the idea of always saying “yes” to your customers’ requests, and why sometimes you need to put your foot down and just say “NO.”

Make no mistake about it, webcam modeling is a customer service job.  It’s an adult-oriented job in which your salary will ultimately come down to your ability to act — or at least to exaggerate — your interest level in your customers.  (To be fair, you will get the really nice guys too, where it won’t feel like “work” at all.)

Every current webcam model reading this blog knows that you will be asked, or told, to perform acts that are just too extreme: the guy telling you to fist your pussy or the jerk telling you to do something so degrading that you want to punch his teeth out.  Of course, if you always turn down requests, you are also lowering your potential earnings.

So why would anyone want to be a LiveJasmin model?  Well, at the time of writing this, the top LiveJasmin performer received $10,584 from last month alone. At that rate, that’s over $120,000 per year!  Good money, no question about it, but NO amount of money is worth losing your self-respect!

Every cam girl and boys needs to set their own limits to what they’re willing to do in the private room.  You certainly should NOT do anything that would humiliate you.  However, that’s not to say you can’t push your comfort levels.  If some guy wants you to dildo your ass, you should be open to the idea.  After all, this is adult entertainment.  The kinks and fetishes you see in porn movies these days aren’t nearly as taboo as they used to be.  Customer expectations will reflect this.

That said, knowing when to say “no” will help you in the long run.  If you feel that you’re compromising your ethics while camming, you’ll be turned off from the job.  Unhappy cam models burn out (see my post Avoiding Burnout).  Happy cam girls make money (see my posts The Webcam Model’s Winning Attitude).  If you bend over backwards (no pun intended) to perform sex acts that go unappreciated, you will likely find yourself seeking other ways to make money.

Yes, give your paying members what they want because you will be paid generously for your efforts.  Just make sure you don’t compromise your principles.

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