A question I often get asked from LiveJasmin performers is how to keep customers longer in private chat.  I’ve been avoiding answering this question simply because there’s no easy answer.  I wish I could tell you to just do this or say that and your customers would pay you for hours of private time.  Unfortunately, there is no “secret.”

That said, today’s post is going to give you the “big picture” of how to keep paying members in private chat longer.

First thing you need to understand is that different customers will want different things from your show (see my Understand Your Customers post).  Some guys will only want to chat and get to know you and will have few sexual requests, if any. Whereas other guys will demand more sexual favors than you can handle (see my post on When To Say “No” and How To Give And Take). They will also expect you to get right down to business.

For simplicity sake, let’s call these two types the Nice Guy and the Bad Boy.  The webcam modeling strategy you employ will depend on the type of guy paying you for private time.

When dealing with a Nice Guy, it’s important to connect to his emotions. After all, he’s probably just a lonely or painfully shy guy. You need to do your best to make him feel like he’s the most important guy in your life.  Get to know him personally, and write down details about him so you can prove to him next time just how much he means to you.  Don’t be afraid to open up to him too.  Just don’t give him any personal details (read more about webcam model safety).

When dealing with a Bad Boy, do what he tells you.  This is where the “performing” comes into play.  If he tells you to talk dirty to him, do it.  If he tells you to stick your dildo in your pussy, do it.  And when you do give in to his sexual requests, make him feel like you LOVE doing it for him.

Regardless of who’s paying for your private show, some things won’t change.  Your attractiveness, ability to flirt, and willingness to give will always be important.  You should also be using a good webcam since the visuals are the main attraction for both the Nice Guy who wants the illusion that he’s talking to the REAL you (Keeping The Fantasy Alive) and the Bad Boy who wants to see you perform in explicit detail (Think Like a Porn Star). Setting up proper lighting will also help a lot.

While researching the adult modeling industry, I came across some LiveJasmin member complaints about how cam models weren’t providing enough “customer care.”  One guy said that during a private show, the girl suddenly excused herself and said, “I’ll be right back” while the minutes were still running!  The thinking was probably to squeeze a couple extra minutes out of him, but sites like LiveJasmin and CameraBoys have a customer ratings system.  Try to fuck over your customer for a few minutes and he’ll really mess up your performer ratings, which can only hurt you in the long run.

Bottom line is this:  if you want more time performing shows, you need to give them what they want.  With experience, you’ll get a better feeling of how to keep them longer in private. Just don’t try to “cheat” them because it doesn’t work.

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