Every cam model has something different to offer.  The 18-year old College student has nice tits and a tight ass.  The mature web cam model has experience with men and uses this to her advantage.  The stripper knows how to play the role of sex goddess, whereas the “girl next door” model is more REAL and just wants to have fun.  Whatever your sex, shape, size, or background — if you know how to play up your strong points, you can make good money as a web cam model.

Web cam modeling is about creating a fun and sexy atmosphere and enticing members to pay you for private shows.  One way to do this is by creating an alluring cam model persona.  Below are 3 ways to create a persona that will have guys lining up for your private shows.

1 – Choose a Character

Whatever angle you choose to go with, you need to be comfortable playing that role.  For example, let’s say you have the young innocent look — small breasts, cute smile, that kind of thing.  A profile name like “18CollegeSlut” could work great, especially if you actually are a student:

18CollegeSlut: “Baby, I have a lot of homework to do, but I’m in desperate need of a sex break.  Will you PLEASE watch me play with myself in private?  I promise to be a good girl for you…”

I recently worked with a mature webcam model who had a more “honest” approach to camming.  She was down-to-earth, sincere, and wasn’t afraid to be herself on cam. This kept her clients satisfied and coming back for repeat visits.  She’s been having a lot of fun with her new online “job” and is making pretty good money too.

The point is that different cam model personas will work for different personality types as long as you are comfortable playing your role.  Models can spend considerable time online, and it’s easier to play the role if it feels somewhat true to your personality.

2 – Create an Enticing Profile

Once you have a character role that you’re comfortable with, you need to get these details out on your profile.

I get emails from new web cam models asking me how they can get more private time, but when I look at their profile, it looks like they filled in the least amount of details as possible.  What kind of message does having a blank profile say to potential clients?

Your profile is your chance to show the live chat community what you’re all about.  I wrote a post on how to create an attractive model profile, and if you still haven’t signed up to LiveJasmin, you should check it out.

Important: Do yourself a favor and fill out your profile properly, including when you plan to be online.  If you can’t stick to a basic schedule, how will members know when to find you online?

3 – Play The Role

OK, so you’ve got your profile set up at LiveJasmin, you’re dressed up looking your finest, and ready to log on and play the role of sexy cam model.  Now, it’s time to shine!

I’ve dedicated most of this blog to giving you tips and strategies to make more money as a web cam model.  I talked about things like lighting, body language, voice tone, playing the field, avoiding burnout, etc.  For now, I’ll leave you with this one piece of advice: when you are online, keep your focus on your customers.  Give them a taste of things to come in free chat, but only enough to have them wanting more (read How To Give And Take and Tease To Please, But Not Too Much). In a way, webcam modeling is role playing, only with this kind of role, you get paid for each and every minute you perform.

Think you have what it takes to become a top earning web cam model?  Find out today by registering to the #1 live video chat network today!

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