tips for male webcam modelsHere’s an email I got from a male performer currently working on LiveJasmin:

“Hi Luke my name is Oscar and I’m currently a male webcam model I work for LiveJasmin, and I am also a full college student. I read you Ebook and it has helped me a lot but I still feel insecure about a lot of things for an instance every time I debate on whether I should get on with a shirt on or not, wear underwear or shorts, whether I should be in bed or somewhere else. It’s kind of frustrating for me and it has deprive me from working every day, I usually take days before I get on cam again due to my insecurities. So I’d love for you to give me any advice to help me overcome my problems and enjoy working on cam for once. Thank you so much.”

Oscar’s concerns are similar to many new webcam models, male and female.  Here’s what I think:

“I debate on whether I should get on with a shirt on or not, wear underwear or shorts, whether I should be in bed or somewhere else.”

What you wear isn’t as important as HOW you CONNECT with your viewers.  It’s ok to show up on webcam wearing shorts and t-shirt, and even if it’s not the most enticing outfit, you can still make it work.  Ask your visitors if they’d like you to take your shirt off.  You can tease them by showing a bit of skin, or you can give them a strip show in free chat.  Just don’t give them TOO much for free (read How to Give and Take).

Different visitors will like you for different reasons.  It’s best to keep your options open so that you’re getting the most potential buyers (paid private time).  I suggest that you mix things up.  Sometimes show up on webcam dressed your best, other times show up with only a towel.

Variety is exciting and keeps members coming back.  This applies to WHERE you’re camming as well.  The bed is most convenient, but you can set up your webcam anywhere, including outside the bedroom.  For example, a POV on your living room sofa would do the trick.  I read a blog post about how one of my readers had her regulars watching her perform a webcam show outside!  Now that’s something different that clients will appreciate!

“I usually take days before I get on cam”

Nothing wrong with taking breaks.  The good thing about webcam modeling is you’re free to take a day off whenever you want.  It’s wise to set a schedule, but the last thing you want is it to burnout (read my Avoiding Burnout post)

“I’d love for you to give me any advice to help me overcome my [insecurities] and enjoy working on cam for once”

Confidence is one of those elusive things that can take months, even years, to develop.  If you don’t enjoy working on cam, or if you’re uncomfortable with the idea, it’s gonna be hard to make significant earnings.

That said, there is a simple technique that you can use to INSTANTLY BOOST CONFIDENCE.  From experience, I can tell you that THIS TECHNIQUE WORKS, and it’s none of this new-age psycho babble either.

The technique is simple, but not necessarily easy, and deserves its own blog post.

Watch for tomorrow’s post where I’ll be taking you through a step-by-step confidence building technique that will have you conveying a more sexually confident version of yourself.  Don’t miss it!

Thanks to Oscar for taking the time to email me.  All reader feedback is welcome,both good and bad.  Send your questions and comments to [email protected]

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