In yesterday’s post, I talked about whether or not becoming a webcam model couple is right for you.

Today, I want to talk about how you can make the best out of your webcam modeling experience. Here are 3 ways you and your partner can have more fun while making money on webcam.

Don’t be so serious

It’s true that webcam model couples can have a lot of fun with their online lifestyle of adult camming. It’s also true that webcam modeling can be very frustrating. Free Chatters will try to get your attention by verbally abusing you (“Your girlfriend has small tits”, “Your boyfriend has a small dick”, etc.) Don’t let it get to you. If you can’t deal with abusive comments, then you should probably keep your regular day job.

Rehearse until it feels natural

It’s natural to feel a little webcam shy, at least at first. So it’s a good idea to rehearse a “show” before someone pays your for a private. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just make sure you have some natural transitions into various positions. Also be sure to make use of dildos, costumes, or anything else you think will make the show more visually explicit. Also be aware of each others boundaries. Some things that are acceptable for you may not be acceptable for your partner. Communication is important for webcam modeling couples.

Improvise and have fun

Although it’s good to rehearse, sometimes members will want to lead the show: “Suck his dick,” “Now jerk him off and look at the webcam,” “Cum on her pussy,” that kind of thing. So sometimes your job as a webcam model will simply be to follow orders (read How To Give a Great Private Show). At times, you and your partner will have a laugh at some of the ridiculous things you will get told to do. Keep it lighthearted. And always remember that if it ever gets too much, you can quit your online work anytime you want.


Webcam model couples can and do make easy spending money by simply turning on their webcam when they’re in the mood to fuck. It’s not for everyone. But if you’re looking to make money in a short period of time, getting paid for having sex with your lover can be a very empowering experience.

Got an experience to share? Let me know! I’m always looking for feedback and new ways to help webcam models earn more.

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