Maybe you were drawn to webcam modeling because you thought you could make quick and easy money. It’s true, some LiveJasmin performers do just that.

However, like any online business, how you run it will make all the difference.
Many beginner webcam models fail simply because they make bad decisions in Free Chat.

Below are 4 common mistakes made by LiveJasmin performers in Free Chat.

Mistake #1 – Bitching And Complaining

Just because you take your clothes off on webcam doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your job seriously. Think of any customer service job. How would the customer feel if you started complaining about your family, bills, health, whatever? This is just so unsexy. Men hate it when women complain. If they wanted to hear women complain, they would be spending their time with their wife or mother-in-law. But instead, they chose to spend time (and money) with you. YOU are their fantasy. But when you complain about your life, you become an “average” chick. Keep the focus on HIM. What does HE want? Remember, a happy customer is a repeat customer.

Mistake #2 – Getting Angry At Visitors

This is similar to Mistake #1 and conveys unprofessionalism. Guys are going to try to press your buttons. Getting visibly angry at a visitor will NOT earn you commissions (unless that’s what he wants). If someone is really pissing you off, kick them out of your chat room if you have to. It’s better to lose one visitor than to let everyone see your ugly side.

Mistake #3 – Being Away From Camera

It’s OK to leave your webcam if you need the restroom or a personal break. But again, think of this like a normal job. If you were working in a call center and kept leaving your desk to do other things, you’d get in trouble. In webcam modeling, you won’t lose your job if you get lazy, you will lose customers! People don’t like to wait. When you decide to get online, be sure to give them your full attention. And when they pay up for private time, it’s time to step it up a notch so they come back for more.

Mistake #4 – Giving It All Away

Why buy the cow when you can the milk for free? It’s important that you show off your sexiest qualities in free chat (sexy outfits, sexy body language, etc.). But don’t give away TOO much (read Tease To Please, But Not Too Much and How To Give and Take). The fact remains that LiveJasmin restricts complete nudity in Free Chat. If a guy says, “Take all your clothes off and I’ll take you to Private,” don’t believe his bluff. Every experienced webcam model will tell you that paying members will NOT ask you for a free show. Don’t fall for fake promises. And don’t give away your hard work for free. Many paying members will gladly pay you for your time if you treat them right. You deserve it.

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