Let’s talk about camming terminology. You’ve probably already heard of the following terms: camgirl, camboy, webcam model, webcam perfomer. Personally, I Iike “webcam performer” simply because it’s most accurate.  The word “model” has a connotation of looking good, whereas the word “performer” conveys putting on a show.  And if you’ve ever worked in this industry, you know it’s all about performing.

I was reading an adult webcam message board the other day and came across some rather distasteful comments.  Here’s what some guy had to say about the webcam profession:

“women online is the same thing as prostiutues , they tak money for sexual favors, look up a dictionary, its the same thing as walking the street ,except no physical contact!”

So I decided to look up the word “prostitute” in the dictionary.  Here’s what I found:  A prostitute is a person, usually a woman, who has sex with men in exchange for money.

Women online are the same as prostitutes?  No.  If anything, webcam modeling could be categorized as porn, with one big difference: your movie is private.

Here’s some interesting porn statistics compiled from respected news and research organizations:

Every second $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography. Every second 28,258 internet users are viewing pornography. In that same second 372 internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines. Every 39 minutes a new pornographic video is being created in the U.S.

My guess is that these so called “moral” guys have no problem jerking off to porn videos in private.  But the moment they hear of an “online prostitute” making money online, she becomes “trash.”

Let’s get something straight. Webcam modeling is NOT prostitution.  You are NOT having sex with strangers for money.  And unlike prostitution, cam modeling is completely legal AND safe.  But if you want to work as a “webcam model,” or “webcam performer,” or any other label you want to use, then understand that people will judge you for this.  Fuck it! Let the haters think what they want. No person’s opinion can have any effect on you unless you allow it to. And ultimately, it’s your choice whether or not you even tell anybody about your online work.

So, to all the “cam girls,” “cam boys,” “cam sluts,” and “cam whores” reading this post:

Ignore the haters.

Love your job.

And be proud of the money you earn online.

The people that are important to you won’t mind.  And the people that do mind probably aren’t that important to you anyway.

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