I’ve gotten numerous emails asking me about the Non-Nude category in LiveJasmin.  For those of you who don’t know, LiveJasmin has a “Hot Flirt” (no nudity) category.  Beginner webcam models often want to know if they can earn a lot performing as a “Non Nude.”  Usually I tell them to avoid this category simply they won’t make as much money. Or so I thought!

I caught up with a webcam model (she prefers to remain anonymous) who was kind enough to answer my questions about working as a non-nude webcam model.  I would like to personally thank her for taking the time to help me out.  She calls herself “The Number One Never Nude.”

In this candid Q&A, she talks about her experience as a non-nude camgirl and shares some valuable advice for new models.

How did you first get started in the webcam business?

I have been on a webcam since I was 14 years old, dancing around for fun and chatting with friends. When I turned 18, I found out I could get paid to do the exact same thing, without getting naked or doing anything sexual. I said,”Why not?” and started getting paid to play the piano on cam. I learned how to make the real money, and what it was all about as I continued on a site called “Cam Pals.” The name “CamPals” even made me think it was just about being paid to be friends with people online.

What was your first experience on cam like?

I had fun. I was used to being on cam for 4 years already, so I just did what I was used to doing: dance, talk, and entertain.

Which cam networks have you worked on?

I started on CamPals and then went over to MyFreeCams.

Are you comfortable telling your friends about your online work?

All of my friends and closest family members know what I do. They know I don’t get naked, and think it is fantastic that I am going against the curve, like I have been doing my whole life. Some even come and watch me work some nights. It’s no big deal. I’ve even worked with my mom in the same room, as I cooked and danced in the kitchen.

What do you like most about your online work?

The attention and the money are great. Every girl wants to be in the limelight, slathered in flattery, and get paid to be themselves. I make more on webcam than any other job I’ve ever done; even after getting my degree.

Have you had any bad experiences?

Yes. I’ve had a major stalker come from Australia who found my name, number, and address. It was very scary.

You call yourself “The Number One Never Nude,” what’s your secret to success?

There is no secret. I am myself. I keep my clothes on. And I don’t give in, no matter how many tokens or money I am offered. Really, I’m the only “never-nude” I know of on the web. So by default, I am number one. There are girls who say they don’t get naked, but if you take them private or on skype, they are masturbating for you. I don’t lie. I’m honest. I’m genuine.

Are there any unique challenges for performing only non-nude shows?

The unique challenge is when people think your privates couldn’t possibly be worth the time and cash. I love it when they take me and I prove them wrong. These ones normally become addicted and want to see me every night after that! Some girls talk shit about me on the web, saying I scam people, but everyone who reads my profile, topic, or listens to me speak knows I don’t get naked, dance in bra and panties, or even do nipple slips. I’ve got a clean record of no nudity, no slip-ups, and I like to keep it that way. Many men and most of my paying customers respect me and pay me more just because they know I am not going to give in, to anyone.

What advice would you give to a new camgirl just getting started?

I would say, beware. Beware of the men who want to “get to know you personally.” Beware of the tempting money offers, because you will probably regret it. And, “Do Not Forget Who You Truly Are!”

I used to have this thing going where I would recruit girls to be a part of my never-nude crew. I knew many girls who needed money and I thought, “If I can make so much and have so much fun, why not help my friends?”

I recruited a best friend of mine and she totally turned out to be the biggest slut I’ve ever met. I never knew this about her until I introduced her to a webcam. She showed that side of her to me that she never had before. She used and abused men for their money or drugs, did skype sex shows without telling me, and even met men for sex in cars to get money, drugs, or flights. It was very heart-breaking to see someone destroy themselves and their entire reputation in a matter of months. She did many evil things to me as well, including harassing my friends and family. I’m not blaming the webcam world for it all, but it will definitely open doors to a Hell that one could never imagine.

Do you have any other camgirl tips you’d like to share with my readers?

Don’t get greedy. Enjoy the fact you’re making more than $8.50 an hour like most Americans right now. Save money for your real passion and to do what you truly love. Rather it be a chef, a designer, an artist, writer, or anything else, don’t plan on being a cam model forever. Make your money while you can, in the most moralistic way possible, and then leave without leaving anything online that will hurt you in your future endeavors.

No, you will not be able to be a teacher, political figure, or public icon. No, it will not make you famous. And no, it will not make you any better than you are before you started.

Find a boyfriend who understands and cares for you and your work. Relationships and trust are very challenging as a webcam model, and most guys will become jealous of the guys you are entertaining online. Don’t get with a douchebag who will abuse your opportunity.

For more personal experiences from actual webcam models, read my candid interviews with Emma Lovett and LiveJasmin’s BBW performer, Natalia Nova. And if you would like to be interviewed via email for my blog, please contact me.

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