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Why should only girls have all the fun?  The adult webcam industry has shown an exponential increase in demand for male performers over recent years, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.  If you’re an attractive guy looking for a FAST way to make money online, then an excellent opportunity awaits.

For new male models, I recommend signing up to CameraBoys.  Here’s why:


CameraBoys is part of the LiveJasmin network — the world’s #1 most visited video chat community.  When you sign up to the CameraBoys network, you will appear on both the CameraBoys AND LiveJasmin sites simultaneously!  This means more visitors, more paying clients, and higher monthly payouts.


CameraBoys lets you set your own cost per minute. Charge your clients anywhere from $1.99-$5.99/minute — clearly a high earning potential!  With no fixed schedules, you’re free to work whenever you want.  If you work more, you will earn more.


CameraBoys gives you the option to block unwanted visitors from viewing your webcam and profile. You can block the IP address based on your state or entire country (just change it in your account settings).  So nobody will know how you’ve been making all that extra money unless you tell them.


As part of the largest male cam network, CameraBoys has over 1 million registered members waiting for you day and night!  Any hour of the day, you’ll find plenty of members willing to pay you top dollars to chat and “entertain” them. You can perform for men, women, or both.

Get Started Today!

Becoming a CameraBoys performer is safe, risk-free, and FREE to register! If you have a computer, webcam, and internet connection, you can get started NOW with the #1 most visited video chat site in 4 simple steps:

Step 1 — Click here (will open new window) to open the Easy Registration page and click “REGISTER NOW!

Step 2 — Select "Easy Registration" if you are registering as a solo performer OR “Advanced Registration" if you are registering more than one performer (webcam couple or opening your own studio). Enter a username, password, and e-mail address, check the "Accept Terms And Conditions" box, then click "Register"

Step 3 — Click "Register Owner"

Step 4 — Complete the remaining forms and submit required documents. (You will need to submit a two copies of your ID to verify your age.)

That’s it! Now all you need is a strong sense of commitment supported by a desire to make money.

Need Help?

If you get lost in the process, go to: They are always very helpful in answering questions and helping models through the registration process.
Still have questions? Write me an e-mail: [email protected]