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Hiding Your Webcam Model Job

There may come a point in your webcam model career when you are ready to say goodbye to your 9-5 day job and work online as a full-time cammer.  When this happens, people will ask you about your new job.   It’s important to not only expect this question from family and friends, but know how to answer it in your best interest.

There are several ways to go about this.  One option is to simply be honest.  If you are secure about yourself and comfortable about your work, then you have no reason to hide.  That said, I suggest you hold off being honest with people until you’ve given it enough time to know if the job is right for you.  It’s not a perfect job, but it can be incredibly lucrative if you got the body and personality for it.  Be prepared for negative responses.  Some people will be envious of you.  Others will look down on you (see my post on Webcam Performer Or Online Prostitute).  But never forget that comments from critics can’t affect you unless you allow them to.

Of course, not everyone who becomes a webcam model is thinking “career.”  Many just want an alternative way to pay the bills.  If you fall into this category, it’s best to keep your online work private.  This way, you won’t need to worry about anyone treating you any different than the person you already are.

Here’s a typical conversation that you might encounter:

Them: “Hey, I heard you quit your job.  So what are you doing these days?”

You: “Actually, I work online from home.”

Them: “What?”

You: “Yeah, it’s basically a customer service job excect I can work whenever I want.  Actually, it’s pretty easy work and it pays pretty good.”

Them: “What exactly do you do?”

You: “I do freelance work for various sites.  I first got started at but there are tons of sites out there if you do your research.  Another site I’ve been working on quite a bit lately is which is a freelance writing site. ”

There are many sites you can use to replace the above examples depending on your personality and skills.  Another great resource site for all you single moms is which stands for “Work At Home Moms.”  Whatever site you choose, make sure you look into them first so that you’re prepared and actually know what you’re talking about.  If they keep probing questions, get a piece of paper and write the websites down for them.  This shows them they need to do their own research and also proves that you’re not bullshitting them.

Keep your answers short and to the point.  The sites that you are giving them are all real jobs, and normally they won’t drill you anymore after this point.  But if they ask, “Can you get me in?”, tell them that they need to apply themselves at the site in question.

The last option is to be economical with the truth.  Tell them you work online and get paid for chatting and flirting with guys.  “Yeah, it’s great!  All I do is chat with horny guys and they pay me big bucks.”  Livejasmin does have a non-nude chat category, so technically you’re not really lying.

Bottom line, to tell or not to tell is something only you can decide.  As a general guideline, don’t tell anybody until you’ve tried it out for at least a month.  Some friends will surprise you with their ignorance — and others with their open-mindedness.  Just remember that who you are doesn’t change no matter what you do for a living.

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