Logitech Pro 9000

Nothing will ruin your day online faster than dealing with webcam problems.  During a private show, the last thing you want is to lose customers (and money) because of a poor webcam.

When choosing a cam for performing, you need the following things in order:

  1. It needs to be compatible with your computer and cam site that you work for.
  2. You need to look fabulous online, so the cam must work well with your lighting setup.
  3. The webcam should capture you from different angles without much fiddling (stopping a private show to adjust webcam disrupts the mood).

The Logitech series are very good webcams.  The Logitech Pro 9000 has razor sharp HD video and is really simple to use.  It’s compatible with all the popular cam sites, and the video feed looks stunning with livejasmin.  It’s a little more expensive than other Logitech webcams, but well worth the investment.  The only downfall to this cam is that it’s not compatible with Mac OS.

IPEVO Point 2 View USB Webcam

Another cam I recommend is the IPEVO Point 2 View USB webcam, which is compatible with Mac OS.  The video quality is top notch (your customers will notice and might even comment on it since you’ll look clearer than most performers) and it comes with a flexible, compact tripod that you can clip to your laptop screen.

You can also detach the cam from the tripod to get close-ups (customers love it when you give them point of view shows!)  Despite its technological sophistication, The IPEVO Point 2 View is surprisingly simple to use.  You have the option of using continuous focus, or a static focus where it stays focused on you.  It can zoom in really close to you, and with the fantastic little tripod it comes with, you can get awesome angles that you’d never be able to get with other webcams.

Both the Logitech Pro 9000 and the IPEVO Point 2 View are reasonably priced at under $100.  It’s a small investment, but you’d be surprised at how many more regulars you’ll get when they can see you in fluid, true-to-life video quality every time you perform.