Today I’m going to be talking about the relatively unknown webcam model job, FetishModels.  Whether it’s latex, pantyhose, or smoking, live fetish webcams is one of the most sought after niches on the net today.  Of course, fetish webcam jobs are nothing new — sites like LiveJasmin and Cams have been recruiting fetish models for years.  But what Fetish Models does differently is brand their site to fill an unsaturated, highly targeted niche.  In other words, people with fetishes will find this site, and they will spend a lot of money to satisfy their needs.

What’s most exciting about this network are the options given to models.  It’s a lot more than just “camming.”  Fetish, tattoo, and alternative models can be hired for TV shows, photo shoots, and video shoots, in addition to live webcam services.  So to all you kinky models looking for some extra attention, pay attention because an excellent opportunity exists right now.

Dominate On Cam

Every cam girl who does domination shows knows about the muscle and body aches.  There will be days where your vagina, butt, or both will be sore as hell from the dildo play.  Lots of people out there will have you believe that camming is all fun and games.  And it is, sometimes.  Enter fetish models.  Compared to your fluffy flirting and chatting, members will expect more from your show.  That said, you don’t have to go “hardcore” to make money.  And you can control your own limits and do only that which you’re comfortable with.  So if you’re performing a foot fetish show, then you might only have to play with your feet.  It all depends on what you’re offering.  Regardless, you will benefit from doing fetish shows no matter what site you work on.  (And if you’re already on LiveJasmin, then you really should consider creating a “Fetish” account.)

Model Commission

Money.  I guess this is the real reason any of us would even consider working on cam.  Fetish Models lets you decide how much you want to charge for private and recorded shows.  You choose anywhere between $1.99 and $5.99 per minute.  For recorded shows, you can upload them and make commission every time someone purchases your clips.  So you can literally make money while you sleep.  Payouts are made on the 1st and 16th of each month.  Payment options include check, wire transfer, direct ACH bank deposit, Paxum, or Payoneer.

Network Sites

When you become a fetish model, you are given the option to become your own internet business owner.  Below are the main network sites that you will be working with and what each site has to offer.  Please note that other than the actual cam modeling, uploading videos and running your own pay site are optional.

Fetish Girls is the web’s #1 fetish webcam and movie clip site.  You can upload and sell your videos and photos, even if you’re offline.  Each time someone buys your stuff, you get paid.  You can also receive tips and gifts from registered members, in addition to your paid private shows.

Fetish Network

If you’re serious about your online modeling work, then you should consider having your own network site.  The staff will work closely with you to create your own unique, high-quality pay site.  Everything you need to get your site off the ground will be provided.  This includes creating, marketing, and maintaining your own custom site.  All the technical aspects are handled by their team, including website hosting and accepting payments from members.  All you have to do is upload your videos and photo sets.

Cash Fetish

Here’s where things go from “camming” to “business.”, which is another site you will be working on (if you choose so), lets you create a Wishlist of items.  Basically, members can visit, have a look at your profile, and buy some cool stuff for you like perfume, lingerie, or sunglasses.  You can easily add and remove items as you wish with each purchase going directly to your Fetish Model account.

How To Become a Fetish Model

To getting started on the #1 fetish modeling network, you will need to click on the “REGISTER NOW!” found here.  Fetish Models is the only site dedicated to exclusive fetish cams.  One thing to consider is your experience level.  If you’re new to camming, I recommend that you first try out a beginner-friendly site like LiveJasmin.  LiveJasmin has a huge Fetish category and it’s quick and easy to get started with their Easy Registration Form.  (On another side note, if you’re looking to perform anything fetish, don’t bother with as they seem to favor the obedient puppet girl over the independent fetish performer.)  Whatever you choose, domination and fetish shows sell everywhere.  So if you’ve been looking to show off your kinky side, you now know the go-to-place for lovers of whips, chains, and fetish cash.