Webcam Modeling Tips

Privacy Tips For Cammers

I’m often asked questions related to privacy concerns.  New cammers are often worried about being “found out.”  They’re afraid that somebody they know will see them online.  Most sites have privacy settings that allow you to block your state or country, but this can decrease the number of visitors to your chat room.  So here are some simple tips to maintain your privacy in free chat without blocking your country, and without losing your viewers’ interest.

If you have a nice ass, big ass, etc. (and aren’t afraid to show it), angle your webcam and body so that your face is just out of view.  This position is great because you don’t have to waste any energy smiling or pretending to be interested:

If you have big breasts, you can show them off without working too hard and without your viewers getting bored.  The key is to position your webcam in just the right place so they can still get a feel for what you look like.  Don’t just sit motionless.  Viewers with a titty fetish will appreciate if you caress them, shake them around, etc:

The same principle works for guys.  It’s all about how you present yourself:

When members ask you to show them your face, you can give them a free peek.  But if they want more, tell them they have to tip or go private.

In my post Show Your Face, I talked about why it’s a good idea to let viewers see you.  But the above tips are a different school of thought: Don’t give them what they want unless they pay up.  This way you can be certain that your hard work doesn’t go to waste.  Just like Honey Dip Jay brought up in my last Q&A blog post:

“Don’t listen to the guy that says bend over show your butt get naked then I will take you to private because most of the time they are lying.”