I recently caught up with Streamate model Emma Lovett.  Emma has been camming for about 10 months on various cam networks, both as a solo performer and a couple with her husband.  In her email, she said “this is what I was meant to do!”  After reading her 5-star member reviews on her profile page, I knew she would make a perfect addition to my Cam Model Interviews.

In this Q&A, she talks about how she and her husband got started in webcamming, and how she was able to quit her regular 40-hour/week job and double her salary with what she calls “the easiest job in the world.”

How did you first learn about webcam modeling jobs?

My husband would regularly look for modeling jobs or administrative work on craigslist. He had seen some ads that mentioned webcamming but I didn’t take it seriously. I never really thought I could do that and not be creeped out by it. Eventually we stumbled across the MFC wiki page and started reading about webcamming. It seemed like a great way to make a bit of money, which we desperately needed. I decided to give it a try since hubby was cool with it and everything.

Why did you decide to become a cam model?

Initially I just wanted to try it out. I’ll be honest we were sort of struggling a bit and barely making ends meet. The first time I did MFC my husband and I had our doubts about the legitimacy of the whole thing. We thought it might be a scam and it wasn’t real money we were making, it was just too easy. I made $1800 in my first two weeks and when I got that first paycheck and it was REAL money…I was hooked! I was used to working my ass off for 40 hours a week and getting less in a month than I did in two weeks camming. And all I was doing was smoking weed, being silly and the occasional striptease.  This was the original Emma Show and simply consisted of me being loud and annoying, jumping around my apartment chasing my cat and naming things. But people loved it… for a while anyway.

What do you enjoy most about this work?

There is so much about this work that I absolutely love. First of all, I love being my own boss. I love not having any responsibility. I can work when I want, for as long as I want, if at all. I’ve been fired from a job for being late one time because I was hungover. That can’t happen with my current profession. I can go out any night wake up in the morning and if I don’t feel like working, I don’t have to. And that’s extremely liberating. Besides the freedom, it is in my blood to entertain and I feel the most alive with an audience. I truly enjoy meeting people online and putting on a good show for everyone. I was born to entertain!

What is the most difficult thing about being a camgirl?

Honestly, this is the easiest job in the world. I know this doesn’t hold true for everyone because we’re all different but for me personally, I was born to do this. I love my work. I love buying cute outfits, I love decorating and staging shows, I love doing my social media and I even enjoy the great feeling of accomplishment after doing a bunch of paperwork and calling a million phone numbers. But if I had to pick something that I feel is more difficult it would be dealing with a huge crowd. When there are a lot of people in a show and they’re all talking and trying to get your attention it’s really hard to read everything and please everyone. You sort of have to skim through all the text, recognize what or who takes priority and respond to it appropriately. So even though it’s the best job in the world, there are times when things get challenging but who doesn’t love having tons of people in their room!

You mentioned that you also do couples shows.  How does performing with another guy compare to doing solo shows?

Well I started with The Emma Show on MyFreeCams which is just for girls and it was great. MFC was my introduction to the industry. Unfortunately, that website has a camscore function which sort of dictates how much traffic you get in your room and once I let that drop it was pretty much over. The first day that I got on for two hours and made no money I switched to Streamate. Streamate allows a couples show and I was already doing skype shows with my husband when I was on MFC. So it seemed natural for us to just have our own camshow together. Performing with my husband has not only proven to be far more lucrative and stable as a business path but has also made us a lot closer. We have a fantastic relationship because we live our dream. All we ever wanted to do was be together and that’s hard to do if you spend 8 hours each day apart. But now our job is to love eachother and interact in fun and new ways. It’s made us a lot stronger as a couple.

Have you had any bad experiences with clients?

You have to deal with hecklers, it’s part of the job as an entertainer. But that’s why they invented the ban button. Anytime I feel a person is creating a vibe that detracts from the energy I’m trying to put out or takes the “Emma” out of me, I ban them instantly. I’m getting really good at this process actually. I can usually spot a bad apple before it even gets rotten. Don’t get me wrong I let people make fun of me and stuff because I’m so obnoxious its expected. It’s hard not to make fun of me but if people don’t do it in a fun loving way its very obvious and they get banned. I’ve also had a guy from Mexico convince me to send him videos in exchange for items on my Amazon wishlist and never got anything. But I’m fortunate and the vast majority of people I encounter are genuinely kind people and I truly have a brighter outlook on life having met a lot of them.

Do you tell friends and loved ones about your online work?

Well my biological family disowned me when I married my husband at 18 so his Mom is really our only family and she knows what we do. We’re very open and comfortable with Mom and I’m sure she loves having her bills paid by us for a change considering we used to live in her room. We’re also honest with our friends and even strangers about our work. As far as our friends go everyone is insanely jealous that we make such a great living and work so little. In fact we’ve already helped a few of them get into the business. So yes we do tell people about our work because it’s what we do and it’s what we love doing.

What advice would you give to a friend who is just getting started as a webcam model?

Don’t go at it alone. I’ve had my husband by my side every step of the way and I couldn’t imagine doing it without his help. I think of my job as a reality tv show and it takes a crew to run a show. It’s also a lot more difficult to deal with the business side of things alone. My husband is my agent, manager, technician, lighting guy, sound guy, and co-star all rolled into one. If you’re a single girl my advice is to find a friend you can do it with. This will make it more sexy and fun and two girls are always better than one(:

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?

Yeah come check out the Emma and Eddie Lovett show! Hahaha(: But on a serious note I’d just like to thank all my fans who watch my crazy life unfold every day. You guys are my inspiration. Also I’ve only been doing this for about 10 months so I’m not a seasoned vet in the industry or anything. I’d love to do another interview 6-8 months from now after things really develop. I’m currently working on a blog and website and if you wanna keep up with Emma you can find me on twitter (@LovettEmma), add me on facebook (emmalovett92) and check out my tumblr (emmalovett.tumblr.com). Oh and if anyone plays skate on xbox my gamer tag is LOVE FLUFFFFF. That’s fluff with four F’s haha!

It’s clear from this interview that Emma “gets it” when it comes to cam modeling.  I would like to personally thank Emma for taking the time to help me with today’s post.  Models interested in working on the Streamate network of sites can sign up through their model recruitment site Internet Modeling.  And if you are a current model looking to share your experience, please contact me.